TGL Group Chartered Professional Accountants LLP (formerly Toor & Lally LLP & T&L Group LLP), a B.C. Limited Liability Partnership of Corporations is a full-service CA Firm providing services to clients throughout British Columbia and Western Canada. 

We offer timely professional services and advice to individuals, incorporated professionals, and small businesses from various industries.  Our multi-lingual staff can assist you in many languages including: English, French, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. 

Continuous Professional Development

TGL Group Chartered Professional Accountants LLP is committed to developing the technical expertise within our firm.  This commitment, essential in the rapidly changing world of income tax, assurance, accounting, and information technology, ensures we continue to provide exceptional, up-to-date, professional chartered accounting services.  We invest in ourselves so we can provide our clients with the quality service they deserve.  Communication is very important within our firm’s values, therefore we actively communicate with our clients throughout the year, as well as during the annual preparation of financial statements and tax returns.

Our approach

Consistent with our chartered accounting profession, we go beyond traditional accounting and auditing services to assist our clients in achieving their individual goals.  We are also advisors in all your business strategies providing consulting in areas such as information technology, family business advisory, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, taxation and estate planning.

At TGL Group Chartered Professional Accountants LLP, we provide our professional services at a competitive cost with an exceptional balance of service, price and quality.  We consistently monitor our fee structure in the chartered accounting market and strive to make the necessary improvements to our efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that our clients are receiving the best value for the services we provide.


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